What does Write and Show cost?
The entire 
Write and Show 
online authoring system is free

Yes, it's free. Plus, we insert no ads. WriteandShow is a totally free tool that lets you create (and display) your book online. Plus, there is ongoing free technical support for the software. And for two months, you get personalized one-on-one direct help to enable you to help you edit your book and include any special displays to enhance your work. And no ads unless they belong to you. If you see google ads on a WriteandShow book, those belong to the author. Click the Enroll tab above to learn how you can get started.
What you get:
  • Access to write and edit your book online
    Write from any computer anywhere (Windows or Mac or Linux, doesn't matter). This isn't just a way to display your book, but it is a beautiful on-line creation interface which lets you compose (ever so easily) and then see your work instantly.
  • Live instantanous display of your book
    ...readable by anyone, anywhere, from any computer with any operating system and any browser.
  • Unlimited chapters
    ...and up to 1200 pages (hard to comprehend, but true). WriteandShow presents your book with the power and capacity to show photos, videos, galleries, scrolling text and other effects.
  • Easy-to-understand training guides.
    Unprecedented level of technical support. You get your own private online support forum with same day response to any question.
  • Services when you need them.
    WriteandShow is free to use and ongoing software support is always free forever. And, you get 60 days of free one-one-one editorial help to personally help you to create your book to look anyway you wish. Plus, we offer additional services, as well, if you need them. If you click on the Assistance tab above you'll what we make available for reasonable fees. Many people will never need any additional one-on-one guidance, after those first two months. But, for others, who like to have an editorial partner, we are there with skilled professionals at inexpensive rates. 

Fee Services - 

Click the "Assistance" tab above to learn about what WriteandShow offers.

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