Write and Show
provides you with one-on-one assistance.------------
The Write and Show person to person support is unequalled by any service anywhere on any product.  Suppose, you have a problem with layout or formatting or you want to do a special effect.  Your personal support tech is right there on your own forum answering your question. 

Plus, your tech goes right into your book... right then  with you online and corrects the problem for you,  if you need it.  "Got a problem with that format? Just a second,. Ok. I fixed it.. go take a look and see if that's what you wanted."  Snap. Click. Done.

Satisfaction every time.

Fee Services - 
1. CD's and downloadable renditions with complete auto-install wizard mechanisms (just like software programs), creating desktop and other launch icons. 

2. Totally copy-protected versions, which only work on the computer where it is registered (or optionally up to 3 re-installs on other computers). 

3. Unattended online registration, by using a credit card on publisher's website. Auto emails provide registration id's to the the user and keep user info in a database which tracks re-installs. 

4. Manual registration, for a computer install (that is not internet connected), where the customer emails in (from another internet connected computer) or telephones to the publisher a certain code which shows upon installation. The publisher then uses a software mechanism (which we provide) to generate the registration id for the customer to paste in for unlocking (limited to that specific computer). 

5. Copy-protected versions installed on USB flash roms, which require no registration (ready to run), but can't be copied either to a computer or to another rom or cd.

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