Example books using Write and Show;------------
How long 'til daylight?A new novel. By Andrew Walter Lee. The author was gracious enough to allow us to show the first ten pages here to illustrate the WriteandShow program.

No Evidence of a Crime - a detailed non-fiction account of the Natalee Holloway tragedy.  By Jan Brennan
This is a 2000 page book, illustrating many features from WriteandShow, like scrolling info boxes, embedded videos and photo galleries. Notice it has Google ads. These are entirely the author's option and the author's revenue. These contextually related ads allow an author an excellent income from merely showing their book online.

Chococeuticals - new discoveries studying chocolate as medicine  by Morton Feinmaster

Baked Cakes- By Johnson Taylorfield.  Lessons from a master baker along with numerous secret recipes for the finest in elegant gourmet cakes. Notice that each of the books is accessed by the its own domain name. Example: http://bakedcakes.com Each book is on the author's own personal website, using a domain name the author registered and controls. 

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