Auto-indent of paragraphs not working.

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PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2007 1:15 am    Post subject: Auto-indent of paragraphs not working.

Problem: Sometimes auto-indent doesn't seem to be working and a paragraph will appear unindented.
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PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2007 1:18 am    Post subject: Cause - sometimes an accidently introduced space

Solution: Sometimes it's an "introduced" space on the blank line.

Paragraphs that won't indent (automatically) are generally caused by a spacebar space accidentally being introduced on a preceding blank line. . Also a True Space, from the button, can do the same thing, but is not usually accidental.

A quick test to see the location of any accidentally introduced spaces is to simply do a Ctrl A in the page posting area. Click in the typing area first, (so the focus is there) then hold down the Ctrl key and "tap" the letter "a."

It will highlight the entire post (page) and you can see introduced spaces.

Here is a testing page with the highlighting done and spaces shown:

Here is how the same test looks on Mozilla...

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 26, 2007 6:10 pm    Post subject: Sometimes it's only on the last paragraph with font changes

However, it might just be one quirky paragraph

Sometimes it's on the last paragraph when a font was changed:

When you change the font for a group of paragraphs, sometimes the very last paragraph, of several, doesn't have the automatic indent. This is just a peculiar quirk of the font commands (really it's a flaw in html and we just have to work around it).

Fortunately there is a solution. It's the No-indent button (it has two uses). This is the same "No indent" button that works to cause paragraphs not to indent. But, oddly, it also works to fix those that won't. To read about how it is used to cancel auto-indent click here:


When a paragraph won't indent like you expected it to... you often need a special fix.

How to fix a paragraph that didn't auto-indent:

1. Position your cursor at the beginning of the line to indent.
(Note this is NOT on the previous blank line, like you do to cancel auto-indent)
2. Click the "No indent" button.
3. It will insert some strange characters (this is a special "true space" code):
4. Keep clicking that until you have achieved a proper indent (usually about five or six times).
It will look like this:
$nbsp;$nbsp;$nbsp;$nbsp;$nbsp;$nbsp;First word of paragraph
5. When you click save, that paragraph is fixed. It now is properly indented.

Why that "true space" works:

The "true space," which is also called a "non-breaking space," is recognized by your computer as a space which you want to keep at the beginning of a line . Other spaces, made from clicking the spacebar, inserted at the beginning of a line, are often just stripped out, so that using the space bar doesn't work to produce special spacing. "Thank goodness" for the "true space" and the "No Indent" button that sticks it right where you need it.
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