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PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2008 4:19 am    Post subject: About privacy

About privacy -

While this is mentioned in the "start up options" topic. We thought it was worth a separate mention with more detailed explanations. There are three possibilities...

1. You may not wish anyone to see your book while you are writing it.

Solution: For this we can provide you with a special passworded splash screen, which will keep anyone from viewing your book. If you don't provide that password (and the web address to your book) to anyone, then no one will view you book, even if they happen on the address. Plus, that screen stops search engine robots from discovering your book (until you are ready for that).

2. You may only want a few special people to be able to view your work in progress.

Solution: That same screen described above will (because it has password access, but no username required) enable you to give that web address and the password to those people you would like to look at your book as you write it.

3. You may wish to have your book open for all to see on the web.

Solution: If you are doing a book to be as accessible on the web as any website, then you will opt not to have the passworded screen. If you wish to have your site googled (and indexed by other search sites as well) we can turn on certain mechanisms on your pages which have been made available by Google and others which invite them to include your pages in their search engine listings.

How to have any of these effected:

For any of these options, simply request them in your special author's person-to-person tech support forum.
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