How the error messages act as a teacher

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2007 8:24 am    Post subject: How the error messages act as a teacher

A word about error messages:

The Write and Show error system acts as a teacher and allows an amateur to "code" like a pro. In other words, Write and Show won't let you create a page that crashes. Instead we tell you what you did wrong so you can go back and correct it.

Here is an example of an error message. It tells you several things...

This message says that the author tried to put Blockquote inside of a <p></p>. It is saying "don't do that.... go fix it." The error messages are meant to be quite instructional (and to avoid having to have tedious rules explained in manuals.

The reason behind this error message system:

All the rules would be too complicated and crazy for a user to have to remember all of them, so we have the computer brain set up to be your on-going guide and teacher. There are no restrictions about anything being on the same page with something else. Its only what the error message says... it's about what codes can be inside other codes.

It's like this - if you were making an organized list and you tried to put the United States inside of Texas... well, you can't do that. States can only be inside of countries. You might have tried to put Texas inside of Canada... well you can do that... One countries states won't go inside of another country. It's all about what can be inside of something else. But, Just let the computer tell you and you won't have to remember rule "sets." We could give you a bunch of instructions regarding the way certain features can "nest" and others can not. , but instead you can learn and just correct what you did by seeing our automatic and self-correcting error code messages.
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