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PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2007 3:17 pm    Post subject: Each author gets a private tech support forum.

A one-on-one private author support forum

WriteandShow creates for a special discussion area solely for exchanges with WriteandShow authors. But, each forum is private for each individual author. No one else (like the public or other authors) can see your forum, only you and the WriteandShow support staff. The private forum's purpose is to answer any questions regarding the mechanisms of working with your Write and Show authoring system.

These private forums are actually just a substitute for email (which has so many failings).

You will access your private author forum here:


There is an anti-search robot screen (just to let humans in), so use this password: write

This is different than your Write and Show book forum:
Each author also gets their own book-related forum with a direct link from their book (optional), with a special book-related web address (url). That forum is to allow online readers of your book to give you feed-back and for you to answer their queries (if you wish to). You can restrict access to your book forum (as you can to your book itself) to invited participants (like publishers or editors or reviewers) or make it more open to the public. Or, you can choose not to have one if you prefer. There are lots of choices available concerning your book forum.

However, this private forum is very different from your book forum. The private forum's purpose is to allow to converse one-on-one with a Write and Show tech support specialist.

About your author's private forum:

a. The forums are totally private (only viewable by those with the username and password). Your forum can be seen by only you and WriteandShow technical support personnel (unless it is mutually agreed to invite others into your private forum).

b. Only after you login, will your forum will be shown to you (and you can then enter it and post). You will be unable to see other private forums and others can't view yours. Logging out will show you the view from the general public's perspective.

c. Topics can be started and maintained related to specific subjects and a "thread" of conversation can be continued "on topic" until it is resolved.

d. Email notification - Additions (updates) or postings to each topic thread will generate an email notification to each participant who has posted in that topic. Be sure that you have changed your email address in your profile to an address which you have access to so you can get your notifications.

e. New topics are not notified by email. This is really a failing of the forum software and the "work-around" way to handle that is to notify in an existing thread that a new topic has been started (triggering a notifying email). There will be a new-topic announcement "topic" where you can trigger an announcement that you have started a new topic (like we said; it's a "work-around" solution... but, it seems to function just fine).

f. Authors should get their forums immediately - Generally your private forum will have been started for you automatically upon startup. However, in the event that you are an author without a private tech support forum contact your WriteandShow support person, by whatever means you have previously established, and your private forum will be started immediately.
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